Word in worship: Preaching in a liturgical context

Word in worship: Preaching in a liturgical context
Scripture, says William skudlarek, should be the foundation of all worship. Closely examining both the Roman Catholic and Protestant lectionaries, he stresses that the best preaching and liturgical expression are biblically centered. A balaced presentation of these two, with scripture as their common element, results in the most vital and meaningful of worship experiences. Dr. Skudlarek ably reveals how the lectionary is flexible so that a pastor can preach from it year-round, yet stay relevant to the day's issues. He also demonstrates the close relation of preaching to the sacraments, while paying special attention to preaching the the Eucharist. He then does the same for baptisms, weddings, and funerals. This is a volume that both Protestants and Roman Catholics will find highly useful. Says Dr. Skudlarek: I trust that Protestant readers of this volume will interpret these remarks..as the observations of a separated brother in Christ who hopes that through the renewal of preaching in the Roman Catholic Church and the recovery of the Eucharist as the normative form of worship in Protestant churches, we will more quickly come to the day when as brothers and sisters in Christ, we may offer the word of God to one another and share together in the table of the Lord.
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