Who Are We?: American Values Revisited

Who Are We?: American Values Revisited
FALL 2012
-From the Dean’s Desk
Gregory E. Sterling
-Learning and Praying to Do Right
Senator Chris Coons
-Redemption Awaits
Diana Butler Bass
-Amid the Bickering, Shards of Hope
John Kenneth White
-Interview: The Disunited States of America
Scott Keeler
-Theology Meets the Moment
Kathryn Tanner
-Values: Maldistributions and Market Corrections
Ray Waddle
-The Character of a Good Ruler, Then and Now
Nancy S. Taylor
-Revelation Road: A Professor Hits the Campaign Trail
Susan Pace Hamill
-Civil Thoughts of Uncivil Times: An Interview with Stephen Carter
-The Moral Dilemma of Growth
Bob Massie
-"I See Deeply Caring People": An Interview with Sharon Kugler
-Spiritual Power, the Subterranean River
Christopher Timm
-Dreams, Dreads, and the New Global Community
George Rupp
-In God We (Still) Trust: Electoral Thoughts on Faith
YDS Alumni
-"Values are as REal as Grain Prices": An Interview with Carlos Eire
-Suffer the Children: American Lessons from Middle School
Christina Baik
-Politics and the Impossible Pulpit
Charles Lemert
-The Bible and Rugged Individualism
Richard H. Hiers
-Igniting a Revolution of the Heart
Matthew Vogel
Editor's Column: Flag Day
Ray Waddle
The Last Election- John Haines
A Buddha in the Woodpile- Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Monopoly- Connie Wanek
Tea and Sleep- Taha Muhammad Ali
Notes on the Capitalist Persuasion- John Haines
Neighbors- Clemens Starck
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