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Spirit and Politics: Finding Our Way

Spirit and Politics: Finding Our Way

FALL 2016




From the Dean's Desk  Gregory E. Sterling

Days of Reckoning  Lane Heard '73 B.A., '78 J.D.

Politics of the Soul  Lyn G. Brakeman '82 M.Div.

Aiming the World Toward Hope  Willie James Jennings

American Myths in Eclipse  Richard T. Hughes

 "Our Shared Hope"  Artist Alisa Clark

Time for Deep Listening  An Interview with Rita Nakashima Brock

What Would the Prophets Say?  Gregory Mobley

From Vulnerability to Power  Neichelle R. Guidry '10 M.Div.

A New Search for the Good Life  Stanley Hauerwas '65 B.D., '67 M.A., '68 M. Phil., '68 Ph.D.

What Are Our Values?  An Interview with Carlos Correa Bernier

Reject the Idols  Kathryn Lofton

Impulses of Common Purpose  An Interview with Mark Silk

Achieving the Black Social Gospel  Gary Dorrien

Loving Your (Political) Enemy  Tom Krattenmaker

The Long Road to Solidarity  Ray Waddle

Driving Hate Away  Charles King '83 M.Div., '89 J.D.

"Renew the Grieving World"  An Interview with Teresa Berger

Wishes, Hopes, or Promises?  Jaco J. Hamman

Piety, Politics, and Convictions  Christopher B. Chapp and Paul Goren

And So Our Work Begins  Josh Williams '08 B.A., '11 M.Div.

Holy Discontent  Ryan McAnnally-Linz '10 M.A.R., '16 Ph.D.

From the Editor: Uncivil Religion  Ray Waddle




Stardust and Centuries  Alberto Rios

Anyone Who Is Still Trying  David Hernandez

"A Dream Deferred"  Charles H. Harper '61 S.T.M.

Tender  Camille Rankine

Knowledge Neighbors  Alberto Rios

Continuing Education  Charles H. Harper

The Broken  Alberto Rios

Genealogy  Camille Rankine

All-American  David Hernandez




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