Sex, Gender, Power: A Reckoning

Sex, Gender, Power: A Reckoning

FALL 2018




-From the Dean's Desk

Gregory E. Sterling

-A Radical Reformation in the Making?

Mary Clark Moschella

-A Matter of Salvation

Interview with Stephen G. Ray Jr. '93 M.Div., '00 Ph.D.

-A Gender Identity Glossary

-#MeToo Confronts the Patriarchy

Marie Fortune '76 M.Div.

-"This is Spiritual Violence"

Interview with Becky Posey Williams

-Sex, Theology, and Teenage Choices

Kate Ott '00 M.A.R.

-Machismo, Mutuality, and #MeToo in Corinth and America

Gregory E. Sterling

-The Tension in the Room

Ray Waddle

-A Testing Time for the Church

Interview with Harold W. Attridge

-Stop Dehumanizing Transgender Christians

Angel Collie '14 M.Div.

-Theology Thriving at the Margins

Interview with Linn Tonstad

-Off Balance: Facing the Truth about Power

Emily M. D. Scott '06 M.Div.

-The Moral Courage to Be

Kerri Day '04 M.A.R.

-Women in (Class) Conflict

      Bruce Rogers-Vaughn

-How Many Gender Differences Must a Liturgy Know?

Teresa Berger

-Men, We Need to Talk

Tom Krattenmaker

-Time's Up for Church Excuses

Traci C. West '81 B.A.

-Moment of Truth at the Border

Enedina Vasquez

-The Role of Pastors: The Vital Link in Stopping Domestic Violence

Ally Kern

-What Makes a Man a Man?

David Teel

-Sending the Four Horsemen Away

Allyson McKinney Timm '17 M.Div.

-From the Editor: Reckonings

Ray Waddle



A Small Part - Stephen Dunn

After the Eucharist - Sophia Stid

Study the Masters - Lucille Clifton

Two Poems - Lucille Clifton

The Creation Story - Joy Harjo

Little Prayer - Danez Smith




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