Sermons Never Preached: On the Spirit-Led Life

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Sermons Never Preached on the Spirit-led Life is a collection of sermons I wrote while working on a master's degree at the Yale University Divinity School from 2006 to 2010, but never had the opportunity to preach. Since those years of study, I have had time to examine the ego and the Spirit-led Life as co-existing, often dueling, partners within the human soul. My reflections are about the role of contemplative prayer in Christo-centric living, so well defined by Christian mystic Evelyn Underhill. My hope is that this consistent theme will resonate with readers who want to lead a self-examined, Spirit-led Life. Sandy Smyth is a grief recovery specialist and SoulCollage(R) Facilitator, and lives with her husband in Connecticut. She is the author of seven books: Gigi and Katy; You are Never All Alone; My Emerald Leaf; Journey to Wholeness through the Creative Arts; The Creative Process of Children; The Spirit-led Organization; and Sermons Never Preached on the Spirit-led Life ( M.A.R., 2010, Yale University, Divinity School; M.A.R.S., 1999, Sacred Heart University; B.A., Art, Elmira College.
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