Reformation: Writing the Next Chapter

Reformation: Writing the Next Chapter

FALL 2017




-From the Dean's Desk

Gregory E. Sterling

-The Reformation Belongs to the World

Bruce Gordon

-What Is Art? What Is Church?

Candace Whitman '79 B.A.

-Visions of Protest and Resistance

Jeremy L. Williams '16 M.Div.

-By the Grace of God (Gradually)

Margaret Fox '05 B.A., '15 J.D., '15 M.Div.

-What's Out of Kilter? And Other Questions

Maggi Dawn

-Is the Bible Still Relevant?

Gregory E. Sterling

-Prayer: The Other Curve

Mark Koyama '15 M.Div.

-A Pope Confronts the Reformation

-The Reformation Isn't What It Used to Be

Justo L. Gonzalez '58 S.T.M., '61 Ph.D.

-Faith, Reform, and the Needs of the Living

Margaret A. Farley '70 M.Phil., '73 Ph.D.

-Truth and Unintended Consequences

Ray Waddle

-A Lush Language

Horace D. Ballard '10 M.A.R.

-A Puritan Mind Circling the Globe

Harry S. Stout and Kenneth P. Minkema

-"And Then Comes Freedom"

      Emily M.D. Scott '06 M.Div.

-From Disenchantment to Disruption

Philip Gorski

-The Momentous Impact of Quiet Acts

Danielle Tumminio '03 B.A., '06 M.Div., '08 S.T.M.

-Meeting Each Other Outside the Either/Or

Chad Tanaka Pack '10 M.Div.

-A Gospel of Liberation and Self-Scrutiny

Alisha Lola Jones '07 M.Div.

-Finding a Dignified End for White Protestantism

Robert P. Jones

-The Search for Reenchantment

Randall Blamer

-Preach Doctrine ... Always

Kazimierz Bem '10 M.Div., '11 S.T.M.

-A Commemoration, Not a Celebration

William G. Rusch

-"And Keep On Rising from the Dead"

Peter W. Marty '85 M.Div.


-From the Editor: First Principles

Ray Waddle



Call and Answer - Robert Bly

Rest on the Flight into Egypt - Mark Jarman

Hebrews 13 - Jericho Brown

Yes - William Stafford

Easter Morning - William Stafford

Open Casket - Kathryn Stripling Byer

Listening to Monteverdi - Robert Bly




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