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No More Excuses: Confronting Poverty

No More Excuses: Confronting Poverty
FALL 2010
-From the Dean’s Desk
Harold W Attridge
-Climbing Up to the Light
Katherine Marshall
-I Have a Spoon: A Meditation
Abigail Nelson
-The Poor We'll Always Have?
Arthur B. Keys, Jr.
-Early Christians and the Care of the Poor
Harold W. Attridge
-Money-Managing on 78 Cents a Day: A Field Report
-Dare to Dream: A World Without Poverty
Lesley-Anne Knight
-Profile: Partners Against Poverty Saving a Child, Easily
Peter Singer
-Give, Pray, Love: A Mid-Life Crisis
Debbie McLeod Sears
-Virtuous Cycles
An Interview with Robert Orr
-Profile: A People Find Hope Again
-Jubilee Justice for Haiti and Beyond
Melina St. Louis
-Human Rights and Global Wrongs
Thomas Pogge
-A New Exodus from Hunger
David Beckmann
-The Sustaining Economy: Overcoming Poverty and Protecting Biodiversity
Willis Jenkins
-The Body Politic of the Body of Christ
Kelly Johnson
-Purpose and Postcards: American Churches Abroad
Robert Wuthnow
-Profile: Grassroots Vision
-Navigating the Charity Galaxy
-A Parched World's Search for Water
Christiana Peppard
-Rise of Microfinance, Rise of Women: A Report
-Testing the New Resolve
Ray Waddle
-Income Inequality and the Damage Done
Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett
-Profile: Breaking Poverty's Curse
-From the Editor: "Moments of Truth"
 Ray Waddle
Notes on Poverty – Hayden Carruth
How to Do – Cornelius Eady
If It Were Not for You – Hayden Carruth
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