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Hard Times, Gospel Values

Hard Times, Gospel Values
-From the Dean’s Desk
Gregory E. Sterling
-A Prayer for Our Time
Frederick J. Streets '75 M.Div.
-Imagining a Shared Economy
An Interview with Willie Jennings
-Christianity vs. the Contemporary Spirit of Capitalism
Kathryn Tanner '79 B.A., '82 M.A., '85 Ph.D.
-Repairing This "Era of Abandonment"
Liz Theoharis
-"That the Strong Might Not Oppress the Weak"
John J. Collins
-Getting Political in the Pulpit about Poverty
Marilyn Baugh Kendrix '13 M.Div.
-Economic Complexity and the Priesthood of the Believer
George Bauer
-Becoming an Incarnated People
An Interview with Keri L. Day '04 M.A.R.
-Healing Society, Anchored in Faith
Alison Cunningham '84 M.Div.
-Our Present Help
A Prayer by Deonie Duncan '20 M.A.R.
-A Group Effort Against Bitter Inequality
Russell Jeung
-Humanizing the Economy
An Interview with Gary Dorrien
-The Christian Case for Union Organizing
Ben Crosby '21 M.Div.
-Restoring Heroism at Home
Andrew McMillan '80 M.Div.
-Corporate Reform and God's Creation
Sarah Yang '21 M.Div.
-Why Is "Socialism" So Hard to Talk About?
Edward Watson '18 M.A.R.
-"We Are Called to Deeper Awareness"
Joshua Narcisse '19 M.Div.
-Someone's Gotta Do the Dishes
Michael Libunao-Macalintal '20 M.Div.
-By Whose Rules Shall We Construct Our Lives?
Bill Goettler
-From the Editor: The Antibodies of Christ
Ray Waddle


Tuesday Soup - Alberto Rios

Migration - Tony Hoagland

Poem in Which Her Mortgage Comes Due - C.D. Wright

Convenience - W.S. Merwin

The Class Visit - Bob Hicok

Data Rain - Tony Hoagland

Beatific - Tracy K. Smith

How to Think - Jerry Robbins '61 B.D.

Riddle - Jericho Brown
Shadow Hand - W.S. Merwin
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