God and Money: Turning the Tables

God and Money: Turning the Tables





-From the Dean's Desk

Gregory E. Sterling

-Money, Morals, and the Cry of Matthew 25

Kenneth Briggs '67 B.D.

-Virtuous Cycles: Supporting Future Ministers

Jo Ann Deasy

-Economic Conflicts, Religious Conviction

Frederick J. Streets '75 M.Div.

-A Saint, His Cloak, and Us

Andrew McGowan

-Simplicity, Balance, Wisdom, Generosity: A New Economy

Bob Massie '82 M.Div.

-Taking to the Streets, and Beyond

Laura Barrett

-Work, Debt, and Christian Witness

Kathryn Tanner '79 B.A., '82 M.A., '85 Ph.D.

-From Dread to Generosity

Kerry Robinson '94 M.A.R.

-Biblical Foundations: A Post-Election Memo

Ronald Sider '63 M.A., '67 B.D., '69 Ph.D.

-What's "Liberation" Got to Do With It?

Benjamin Valentin

-Lifting the Burden Off Students

An Interview with John Wimmer

-The Cost of Discipleship

Student Perspectives

-Post Truth and the Real World

Ray Waddle

-Thoughts on Evangelical Poverty

      Luke Timothy Johnson '76 Ph.D.

-Freeing the Future

Nimi Wariboko


-From the Editor: Neighborhood Watch

Ray Waddle



Bald Eagle - Connie Wanek

Debtors - Jim Harrison

Accounting - Natasha Trethewey

American Sermon - Jim Harrison

"God Loves the Shabby Hero and Forlorn" - Amos Wilder

The Gift - Ocean Vuong

To My Doppelganger - Stephen Dunn

Honey - Connie Wanek

Prayer Without Words - Amos Wilder

Landscape and Soul - Stephen Dunn




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