Divine Radiance: Keeping Faith with Beauty

Divine Radiance: Keeping Faith with Beauty





-From the Dean's Desk

Gregory E. Sterling


Peter S. Hawkins

-Art and Whimsy in God's House

Cheryl Cornish

-Make It Swing

An Inteview with Dwight Andrews

-The Necessity of Beauty

Thomas Troeger

-One of the Masks of God

Alacia Stubbs

-The Gospel of Mark Out Loud

Bert Marshall

-Taking Custody of Our Eyes

Robin M. Jensen

-When Poetry and Theology Collide

An Interview with Christian Wiman

-Craft and Theology in the Workshop

Geoffrey Keating

-Facing the Music

Martin Jean

-Ambassadors of Divine Glory

Cyril O'Regan

-The Heart Breaks Open

John Hare

-Thoughts on Art and Faith

      YDS/ISM Students

-Beauty Born of Grief

Paul Palumbo

-Written in the Stars

Felicity Harley-McGowan

-The Snail, the Silkworm, and Jonathan Edwards

Justin Hawkins

-The Gaze of Holiness

Edmund Ryder

-The Sacred Today

Karla Cavarra Britton

-Between Globe and Gospel: Three Artists

Makoto Fujimura, Mary Button, Jae-Im Kim

-From the Editor: Fierce Grandeur

Ray Waddle



Music Maybe - Christian Wiman

Let the wounds bleed - Elizabeth Carothers Herron

Not all beauty succumbs to time - Thomas Troeger

Twigs - Taha Muhammad Ali

Every Riven Thing - Christian Wiman

      Love for Other Things - Tom Hennen

Scrambled Eggs and Whiskey - Hayden Carruth

By the Window - Nathan Spoon




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