Dialogue of Life: A Christian Among Allah's Poor

Dialogue of Life: A Christian Among Allah's Poor
Dialogue of Life is the inspiring testament of Bob McCahill, a priest and missioner who for twenty years has pursued an unusual witness among the Muslim poor of Bangladesh. Rather than traditional pastoral work, McCahill simply tries to live as a friend and brother to his Muslim neighbors, offering a positive witness to the gospel ideals of service and love. In a series of small towns he has lived a life of utter simplicity, serving the sick, showing respect for Muslim piety, and explaining to all those who inquire the reasons for his way of life and good works. In simple yet vivid prose, Father McCahill describes his life, the rhythms of his days and those of his poor but faith-filled neighbors, the occasions for "interreligious dialogue" that emerge out of this living encounter, and his challenging reflections on the implications of this experience for Christian life and mission in the world. Enhanced by McCahill's own prizewinning photographs, Dialogue of Life is a moving example of spirituality in action, and witness to "God who is larger than our hearts."
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