Dancing Sermons

Dancing Sermons
'Dancing Sermons indeed . . . Believe what you will . . . when it comes to it, we all come from the same root and have the same needs, and suffer the same failings. That is the gentle message of the witty Bishop of Botswana.' Mail and Guardian. 'Dancing Sermons is joyous. It takes the reader from one beat to the other, dancing non-stop . . . an easy, accommodating read, which does not require one to be a staunch Christian or belong to any particular religion to be hooked on it.' Midweek Sun. Dancing Sermons is an Ah! book - one that makes us look upon familiar things as though seeing, feeling and understanding them for the first time. The message running through the volume, like a golden thread, is that we human beings - in spite of our flaws - are all special, unique, and loved deeply and intensely by God.
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