Creative Process of Children: The Open Studio

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THE CREATIVE PROCESS OF CHILDREN: THE OPEN STUDIO is about how children create when provided with a stimulating learning environment as they connect to the wonder of nature through art making. I believe art making is also a therapeutic activity. As a former art teacher, I have seen the most difficult children settle down and gain self-esteem through making art. In my own life, I have experienced the therapeutic effects of creating art, and have seen positive effects of creative activity in the lives of others. The Creative Arts - painting, sculpting, dancing, drama, filmmaking, writing, making music, and the like - are mediums for self-expression and self-awareness. I believe making art connects us to the creative spiritual power within, the Source of all our creativity and emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing. My ministry is to help people of all ages connect to that loving Source within through the creative arts. Sandy Smyth: M.A.R., Yale University, Divinity School; M.A.R.S., Sacred Heart University (CT); B.A., Art Education, Elmira College. Sandy lives in Connecticut with her husband and two French bull dogs. She writes poetry and creates collages with torn paper and oil crayons. She is also the author of Journey to Wholeness through the Creative Arts (c) 2009, Xulon Press.
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