All Together Now: Pluralism and Faith

All Together Now: Pluralism and Faith





-From the Dean's Desk

Gregory E. Sterling

-Looking for God in a Plural World

Justo L. Gonzalez

-In Pursuit of the Shimmering Thread

Sharon M.K. Kugler

-Politics and Purpose

An Inteview with Miroslav Volf

-Brick by Brick: The Struggles for Religious Freedom

Khyati Joshi

-Religion as a Bridge, Not a Wall

Gregory E. Sterling

-A 21st-Century Plea for Empathy

His Holiness the 17th Karmapa

-A Christian Divinity School, a Jewish Professor

Joel Baden

-Mosaic of Faith: Artist Kathy Thaden

-The Religion of Love: A Space for All

Seyed Amir Akrami

-A Christian in Public and Private

LaShawn Warren

-Cherishing One Another, Against the Odds

Lamin Sanneh

-On the Limits of Religious Pluralism

Victor Anderson

-The Good Life and the Crisis of Meaning

      Matt Croasmun

-Conversation Partners: We Need Each Other

Jennifer Peace

-Framing the Bigger Picture: Photographer Wilfredo Benitez

-The "Nones" are Becoming Something

Tom Krattenmaker

-Global Dynamics of Faith

An Interview with Shaun Casey

-May We All Become Pathfinders

Omer Bajwa

-Global Christianities: A Minority Report

Chloe Starr

-The Politics of the Divine Image

Ray Waddle

-Can Public Life Survive the Internet?

Mary Doak

-The Healing Force of Multifaith Work

Yvonne C. Lodico

-Poetry Credits

-From the Editor: Footloose and Flung

Ray Waddle



Romanesque Arches - Tomas Transtromer

"Robert Frost and I" - Ngodup Paljor

"I used to shun my companion" - Anonymous

blessing the boats - Lucille Clifton

the last day - Lucille Clifton

      The Flood - Chana Bloch

Wind - Ok-Koo Kang Grosjean

Psalm 157 - Charles H. Harper

The Scattered Congregation - Tomas Transtromer




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At Risk: Our Food, Our Water, Ourselves

At Risk: Our Food, Our Water, Ourselves

FALL 2014




-From the Dean's Desk

Gregory E. Sterling

-Give us Bread

Sara Miles

-Small Enough to Manage, Big Enough to Matter

Andrew K. Barnett

-New Alliances of Science and Spirit

Gregory E. Sterling and Sir Peter Crane

-God the Gardener

Norman Wirzba

-Divine Possiblity: Ending Hunger by 2030

Derick Dailey

-The Feeding of the 12 Billion

Robert W. Herdt and Jennifer A. Herdt

-Delicious Revolution

An Interview with Alice Waters

-Let Us Keep the Feast, Then Keep Going

James Jenkins

-Thoughts Beyond the Pail: A Farm Life

Robin Verson

-The New Scourge: Unhealthy Diets

An Interview with Oliver De Schutter

-Message in a Bottle

Christiana Peppard

-Water Gone Bad

Karen Schneider

-Ancient Voices Speak to the Ecological Future

Mary Evelyn Tucker

-God and Nature, Then and Now

Joel Baden

-Worrying about the Food Movement

Willis Jenkins

-Eating Food and Justice

Christopher Carter

-Rousing Us from Inattention

Christopher Fici

-Wisdom on the Ground

John O' Sullivan

-Back to the Garden: A New Asceticism

Fred Bahnson

-Hustle and Flow: New Threats to Water

Ray Waddle

-Toward a Divine Diet

Bruce Friedrich

-From the Editor: Table Talk

Ray Waddle



Enviable - Robert Francis

Potatoes - Kathryn Stripling Byer

Like Ghosts of Eagles - Robert Francis

Cooking Catalog - Jill Breckenridge

Reunion - Caitlin Kenzie Scott




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Crucified Creation: A Green Faith Rising

Crucified Creation: A Green Faith Rising




-From the Dean's Desk

Gregory E. Sterling

-Note to Churches: No Time for Normal

Bill McKibben

-Hopeful Signs in an Uncommon Alliance

Mary Evelyn Tucker

-A Prayer for Our Earth

Pope Francis

-The Immense Journey of the Universe

Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim

-Eco-Theology and Zoning Meetings

An Interview with Willie Jennings

-Living Buildings for a Living Planet

Jason F. McLennan

-After the Inferno, Again

Elizabeth Herron

-Reaching for Radiance

Catherine Amy Kropp, '17 M.Div., '19 S.T.M.

-Race, Trauma, and Climate Change

Elizabeth Allison, '03 M.A.R., '03 M.E.M.

-How to Start a Green Team at Church

Codi Norred

-"Environmental Stewardship Should Serve Everyone"

An Interview with Indy Burke

-Cosmic Blessing: Healing All Things in Christ

Gregory E. Sterling

-Reckoning with Climate Denial

Clifton Granby

-Sweat, Soil, and Salvation

      An Interview with Norman Wirzba, '88 M.A.R.

-"Forward Together, Not One Step Back"

A. Kazimir Brown, '19 M.Div.

-A Sacred Assembly of Pines, Plants, and People Too

Stephen Blackmer, '83 M.F., '12 M.A.R.

-Sacred Blood, Transformation, and Ecowomanism

Melanie L. Harris

-"Mother Earth Won't Lie to Us"

An Interview with Tiokasin Ghosthorse

-The Body of Christ: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Julia Johnson, '18 M.Div.

-From Derangement to Optimism to Action

Ray Waddle

-"Environment" or "Creation"? It Depends

Anna Thurston, '19 M.Div., '19 M.E.M.

-No Time for Despair

Emily Bruce, '19 M.Div.

-A Worship Space for Earthly Connection

Dennis Patrick O'Hara

-A Higher Calling Resides in Each of Us

Thomas Lovejoy, '63 B.S., '71 Ph.D.

-From the Editor: Earth Days

Ray Waddle



To the Rain - Ursula K. Le Guin

On Fire - Elizabeth Herron

Outside - William Stafford

What Gets Away - William Stafford

Zona - Jim Harrison

A Cento of Scientists - Ursula K. Le Guin

Poem XIV - Pablo Neuda

Naming the Heartbeats - Aimee Nezhukumatathil

Peonies - Jim Harrison

Annunciation - Tracy K. Smith




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Divine Radiance: Keeping Faith with Beauty

Divine Radiance: Keeping Faith with Beauty





-From the Dean's Desk

Gregory E. Sterling


Peter S. Hawkins

-Art and Whimsy in God's House

Cheryl Cornish

-Make It Swing

An Inteview with Dwight Andrews

-The Necessity of Beauty

Thomas Troeger

-One of the Masks of God

Alacia Stubbs

-The Gospel of Mark Out Loud

Bert Marshall

-Taking Custody of Our Eyes

Robin M. Jensen

-When Poetry and Theology Collide

An Interview with Christian Wiman

-Craft and Theology in the Workshop

Geoffrey Keating

-Facing the Music

Martin Jean

-Ambassadors of Divine Glory

Cyril O'Regan

-The Heart Breaks Open

John Hare

-Thoughts on Art and Faith

      YDS/ISM Students

-Beauty Born of Grief

Paul Palumbo

-Written in the Stars

Felicity Harley-McGowan

-The Snail, the Silkworm, and Jonathan Edwards

Justin Hawkins

-The Gaze of Holiness

Edmund Ryder

-The Sacred Today

Karla Cavarra Britton

-Between Globe and Gospel: Three Artists

Makoto Fujimura, Mary Button, Jae-Im Kim

-From the Editor: Fierce Grandeur

Ray Waddle



Music Maybe - Christian Wiman

Let the wounds bleed - Elizabeth Carothers Herron

Not all beauty succumbs to time - Thomas Troeger

Twigs - Taha Muhammad Ali

Every Riven Thing - Christian Wiman

      Love for Other Things - Tom Hennen

Scrambled Eggs and Whiskey - Hayden Carruth

By the Window - Nathan Spoon




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God and Money: Turning the Tables

God and Money: Turning the Tables





-From the Dean's Desk

Gregory E. Sterling

-Money, Morals, and the Cry of Matthew 25

Kenneth Briggs '67 B.D.

-Virtuous Cycles: Supporting Future Ministers

Jo Ann Deasy

-Economic Conflicts, Religious Conviction

Frederick J. Streets '75 M.Div.

-A Saint, His Cloak, and Us

Andrew McGowan

-Simplicity, Balance, Wisdom, Generosity: A New Economy

Bob Massie '82 M.Div.

-Taking to the Streets, and Beyond

Laura Barrett

-Work, Debt, and Christian Witness

Kathryn Tanner '79 B.A., '82 M.A., '85 Ph.D.

-From Dread to Generosity

Kerry Robinson '94 M.A.R.

-Biblical Foundations: A Post-Election Memo

Ronald Sider '63 M.A., '67 B.D., '69 Ph.D.

-What's "Liberation" Got to Do With It?

Benjamin Valentin

-Lifting the Burden Off Students

An Interview with John Wimmer

-The Cost of Discipleship

Student Perspectives

-Post Truth and the Real World

Ray Waddle

-Thoughts on Evangelical Poverty

      Luke Timothy Johnson '76 Ph.D.

-Freeing the Future

Nimi Wariboko


-From the Editor: Neighborhood Watch

Ray Waddle



Bald Eagle - Connie Wanek

Debtors - Jim Harrison

Accounting - Natasha Trethewey

American Sermon - Jim Harrison

"God Loves the Shabby Hero and Forlorn" - Amos Wilder

The Gift - Ocean Vuong

To My Doppelganger - Stephen Dunn

Honey - Connie Wanek

Prayer Without Words - Amos Wilder

Landscape and Soul - Stephen Dunn




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God's Green Earth: Creation, Faith, Crisis

God's Green Earth: Creation, Faith, Crisis
-From the Dean’s Desk
Gregory E. Sterling
-Daring to Dream: Religion and the Future of the Earth
Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim
-The Beginnings of a Beautiful Friendship: Religion and Environmentalism
Roger Gottlieb
-A Billion Trees, A Singular Voice
Wangari Maathai
-Nature and Grace: Making Environmental Issues Matter for Christian Life
Willis Jenkins
-How Big Should People Be?
a sermon by Bill McKibben
-Earthkeeping and the Bible
Stven Bouma-Prediger
-Power, Light, and Hope: Fighting a Crisis, One State at a Time
Sally G. Bingham
-Avoiding the Great Collision: "We Can Save What Is Left"
James Gustave Speth
-NCCC Eco-justice Sermon Award Winner: "From Apocalypse to Genesis"
Janet Parker
-Environmental Justice and a New American Dream
Jerome Ringo
-Uncommon Alliance: Connecting Faith and Environmentalism
Christopher Glen Sawyer
-After Katrina: Searching the Ruins for Resurrection
Ray Waddle
-"Everything that Breathes Praises God"
Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew
-New Moral Awakening, or How I Changed My Mind 
Richard Cizik
-Eco-ethics and Global Citizenship: A View from Central America
Roy May and Carlos Tamez
-Vulnerability and Vision in El Salvador
Lisbeth Barahona
-How Green Was Our Valley: The Garrison Institute
Jonathan F. P. Rose
-Green Discipleship
Larry Rasmussen
-From the Editor: The Great Economy
Jeanie Graustein
Rachel Holmes
Carla Pryne
David Turner
Wendell Berry
Joy Harjo
Naomi Long Madgett
Mary Oliver
Martha Serpas
Paul Willis
Publication Date: 

Hard Times, Gospel Values

Hard Times, Gospel Values
-From the Dean’s Desk
Gregory E. Sterling
-A Prayer for Our Time
Frederick J. Streets '75 M.Div.
-Imagining a Shared Economy
An Interview with Willie Jennings
-Christianity vs. the Contemporary Spirit of Capitalism
Kathryn Tanner '79 B.A., '82 M.A., '85 Ph.D.
-Repairing This "Era of Abandonment"
Liz Theoharis
-"That the Strong Might Not Oppress the Weak"
John J. Collins
-Getting Political in the Pulpit about Poverty
Marilyn Baugh Kendrix '13 M.Div.
-Economic Complexity and the Priesthood of the Believer
George Bauer
-Becoming an Incarnated People
An Interview with Keri L. Day '04 M.A.R.
-Healing Society, Anchored in Faith
Alison Cunningham '84 M.Div.
-Our Present Help
A Prayer by Deonie Duncan '20 M.A.R.
-A Group Effort Against Bitter Inequality
Russell Jeung
-Humanizing the Economy
An Interview with Gary Dorrien
-The Christian Case for Union Organizing
Ben Crosby '21 M.Div.
-Restoring Heroism at Home
Andrew McMillan '80 M.Div.
-Corporate Reform and God's Creation
Sarah Yang '21 M.Div.
-Why Is "Socialism" So Hard to Talk About?
Edward Watson '18 M.A.R.
-"We Are Called to Deeper Awareness"
Joshua Narcisse '19 M.Div.
-Someone's Gotta Do the Dishes
Michael Libunao-Macalintal '20 M.Div.
-By Whose Rules Shall We Construct Our Lives?
Bill Goettler
-From the Editor: The Antibodies of Christ
Ray Waddle


Tuesday Soup - Alberto Rios

Migration - Tony Hoagland

Poem in Which Her Mortgage Comes Due - C.D. Wright

Convenience - W.S. Merwin

The Class Visit - Bob Hicok

Data Rain - Tony Hoagland

Beatific - Tracy K. Smith

How to Think - Jerry Robbins '61 B.D.

Riddle - Jericho Brown
Shadow Hand - W.S. Merwin
Publication Date: 

iBelieve: Facing the New Media Explosion

iBelieve: Facing the New Media Explosion
FALL 2011
-From the Dean’s Desk
Harold W Attridge
-Connecting with a Theology of Technology 
Wes Avram
-Living Theologically in a Networked World
Verity A. Jones
-Bazaar Mind, Cathedral Mind
An Interview with Kwok Pui Lan
-The New Thing: Faith in the Age of Social Media
Rahiel Tesfamariam
-Redeeming New Media, Restoring Christian Community
J. Martin Bailey
-Wisdom 2.0, or Stress 2.0?
Soren Gordhamer
-Where Two or Three are Gathered
Keith Anderson
-New Media, New Epistle
An Interview with Reginald Bachus
-Already Not Yet: Hopes and Fears for 2021
Rachel Hatch
-Survey: Abstaining from Media (or Trying to)
-Realtechnik and the Tethered Life
Sherry Turkle
-Plugging into a Richer Vision of God and Humanity
Thomas H. Troeger
-Dispatches from the Connected Life
-Logging on to the Religious Quest
An Interview with Paul Raushenbush
-Friending the Revolution
Cyrus Farivar
-A Digital Daughter Returns Home
Paula Jenkins
-Tweeting among the Birds of the Air
James Martin
-New Media, New Expectations
An Interview with Heidi Campbell
-Biblical Authority in the Googolplex
Kent Harold Richards
-The Ekklesia of Social Media
Scott Gunn
-From the Editor: "This Very Night Your Soul"
Webcam in the World – Heather McHugh
Sunlight – Jim Harrison
Publication Date: 

Money and Morals after the Crash

Money and Morals after the Crash
-From the Dean’s Desk
Harold W. Attridge
-Econmic Origins and Aims: A Role for Religious Thinking?
Benjamin Friedman
-What Did We Learn?
Martin E. Marty
-Markets and Metaphysics: An Inquiry
Steve Peterson
-Abundant Life in a Suffering Sea
Nicholas Hood III
-Heeding the Outsider in Market Reform
Laura Berry
-Animal Spirits Among Us
George A. Akerlof and Robert J. Shiller
-A Global Economic Ethic: Now's The Time
Hans Kung
-Economic Hazards, Histories, and Hopes: Recent Books
-Calvinism and Capitalism: Together Again?
Bruce Gordan
-A Moral Audit of Economic Turmoil
Tersa Ghilarducci
-Prosperisty and Its Discontents
Sondra Wheeler
-Soul-Searching in the Aftermath
Ray Waddle
-Confronting the Consumer Carnival
Nathan Dungan
-Earth Economy: A Spirituality of Limits
Sallie McFague
-Our Responsibilty to the Future
Kathyrn Tanner
-Uniting Economic and Moral Literacy
Rowan Williams
From the Editor: Currencies
Questionnaire- Wendell Berry
The State of the Economy- Louis Jenkins
Ezra Pound's Proposition- Robert Hass
Between Sun and Sand- Mary Crescenzo
Sunday Discordancies- Jim Harrsion
Downsizing- tom Kimmel
Sabbath XII- Wendell Berry
Publication Date: 

No More Excuses: Confronting Poverty

No More Excuses: Confronting Poverty
FALL 2010
-From the Dean’s Desk
Harold W Attridge
-Climbing Up to the Light
Katherine Marshall
-I Have a Spoon: A Meditation
Abigail Nelson
-The Poor We'll Always Have?
Arthur B. Keys, Jr.
-Early Christians and the Care of the Poor
Harold W. Attridge
-Money-Managing on 78 Cents a Day: A Field Report
-Dare to Dream: A World Without Poverty
Lesley-Anne Knight
-Profile: Partners Against Poverty Saving a Child, Easily
Peter Singer
-Give, Pray, Love: A Mid-Life Crisis
Debbie McLeod Sears
-Virtuous Cycles
An Interview with Robert Orr
-Profile: A People Find Hope Again
-Jubilee Justice for Haiti and Beyond
Melina St. Louis
-Human Rights and Global Wrongs
Thomas Pogge
-A New Exodus from Hunger
David Beckmann
-The Sustaining Economy: Overcoming Poverty and Protecting Biodiversity
Willis Jenkins
-The Body Politic of the Body of Christ
Kelly Johnson
-Purpose and Postcards: American Churches Abroad
Robert Wuthnow
-Profile: Grassroots Vision
-Navigating the Charity Galaxy
-A Parched World's Search for Water
Christiana Peppard
-Rise of Microfinance, Rise of Women: A Report
-Testing the New Resolve
Ray Waddle
-Income Inequality and the Damage Done
Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett
-Profile: Breaking Poverty's Curse
-From the Editor: "Moments of Truth"
 Ray Waddle
Notes on Poverty – Hayden Carruth
How to Do – Cornelius Eady
If It Were Not for You – Hayden Carruth
Publication Date: 

Reformation: Writing the Next Chapter

Reformation: Writing the Next Chapter

FALL 2017




-From the Dean's Desk

Gregory E. Sterling

-The Reformation Belongs to the World

Bruce Gordon

-What Is Art? What Is Church?

Candace Whitman '79 B.A.

-Visions of Protest and Resistance

Jeremy L. Williams '16 M.Div.

-By the Grace of God (Gradually)

Margaret Fox '05 B.A., '15 J.D., '15 M.Div.

-What's Out of Kilter? And Other Questions

Maggi Dawn

-Is the Bible Still Relevant?

Gregory E. Sterling

-Prayer: The Other Curve

Mark Koyama '15 M.Div.

-A Pope Confronts the Reformation

-The Reformation Isn't What It Used to Be

Justo L. Gonzalez '58 S.T.M., '61 Ph.D.

-Faith, Reform, and the Needs of the Living

Margaret A. Farley '70 M.Phil., '73 Ph.D.

-Truth and Unintended Consequences

Ray Waddle

-A Lush Language

Horace D. Ballard '10 M.A.R.

-A Puritan Mind Circling the Globe

Harry S. Stout and Kenneth P. Minkema

-"And Then Comes Freedom"

      Emily M.D. Scott '06 M.Div.

-From Disenchantment to Disruption

Philip Gorski

-The Momentous Impact of Quiet Acts

Danielle Tumminio '03 B.A., '06 M.Div., '08 S.T.M.

-Meeting Each Other Outside the Either/Or

Chad Tanaka Pack '10 M.Div.

-A Gospel of Liberation and Self-Scrutiny

Alisha Lola Jones '07 M.Div.

-Finding a Dignified End for White Protestantism

Robert P. Jones

-The Search for Reenchantment

Randall Blamer

-Preach Doctrine ... Always

Kazimierz Bem '10 M.Div., '11 S.T.M.

-A Commemoration, Not a Celebration

William G. Rusch

-"And Keep On Rising from the Dead"

Peter W. Marty '85 M.Div.


-From the Editor: First Principles

Ray Waddle



Call and Answer - Robert Bly

Rest on the Flight into Egypt - Mark Jarman

Hebrews 13 - Jericho Brown

Yes - William Stafford

Easter Morning - William Stafford

Open Casket - Kathryn Stripling Byer

Listening to Monteverdi - Robert Bly




Publication Date: 

Resistance and Blessing: Women, Ministry, and YDS

Publication Date: 

Seeking the Light: A New Generation

Seeking the Light: A New Generation
-From the Dean’s Desk
Gregory E. Sterling
-A Dispatch from the Front Lines
Ian Oliver
-Bracing for Change, With Faith
Gregory E. Sterling
-Letter Posted on the Sea of Faith
Jessica Anschutz
-Holy Things for Holy People
Emily M.D. Scott
-God Still Speaks: An Interview with Geoffery Black
-The Calling of Christian Imagination
Javier A. Viera
-We Stumble Towards Love
Kat Banakis
-Am I a "None"
Betsy Shirley
-Young Souls in Transition: An Interview with Christian Smith
-Twin Clamities: Delining Churches, Struggling Young
Skip Masback
-The Ministry of Questioning Everything
Almeda M. Wright
-Making Sense of Sacred Space: An Interview with Maggi Dawn
-New World Order of Worship
Yale Divinity Chapel Ministers
-Exile's Song: Welcome to the Post-Establishment Church
Stephanie Spellers
-Speaking Doubrs and Convictions: An Interview with Chris Stedman
-The Search for GRown-Up Youth Culture
Melanie Ross
-Embracing the Redmeption: An Interview with J. Lawrence Turner
-Abundant Life: Defying Powerlessness
John Helmiere
-A Generation's Showdown with Truth: An Interview with Michael Wear
-Mapping a Young Adule Spirituality
Angela Batie Carlin
-From the Editor: Friewall
Ray Waddle
Mercury God- Ron Turner
How Zen Ruins Poets- Chase Twichell
The Choice- Nate Klung
Jesus- Ron Turner
Gratitundi- Charles H. Harper
Confessions of a nature lover- Bob Hicok
Dios Bo'Otik- Charles H. Harper
Publication Date: 

Sex, Gender, Power: A Reckoning

Sex, Gender, Power: A Reckoning

FALL 2018




-From the Dean's Desk

Gregory E. Sterling

-A Radical Reformation in the Making?

Mary Clark Moschella

-A Matter of Salvation

Interview with Stephen G. Ray Jr. '93 M.Div., '00 Ph.D.

-A Gender Identity Glossary

-#MeToo Confronts the Patriarchy

Marie Fortune '76 M.Div.

-"This is Spiritual Violence"

Interview with Becky Posey Williams

-Sex, Theology, and Teenage Choices

Kate Ott '00 M.A.R.

-Machismo, Mutuality, and #MeToo in Corinth and America

Gregory E. Sterling

-The Tension in the Room

Ray Waddle

-A Testing Time for the Church

Interview with Harold W. Attridge

-Stop Dehumanizing Transgender Christians

Angel Collie '14 M.Div.

-Theology Thriving at the Margins

Interview with Linn Tonstad

-Off Balance: Facing the Truth about Power

Emily M. D. Scott '06 M.Div.

-The Moral Courage to Be

Kerri Day '04 M.A.R.

-Women in (Class) Conflict

      Bruce Rogers-Vaughn

-How Many Gender Differences Must a Liturgy Know?

Teresa Berger

-Men, We Need to Talk

Tom Krattenmaker

-Time's Up for Church Excuses

Traci C. West '81 B.A.

-Moment of Truth at the Border

Enedina Vasquez

-The Role of Pastors: The Vital Link in Stopping Domestic Violence

Ally Kern

-What Makes a Man a Man?

David Teel

-Sending the Four Horsemen Away

Allyson McKinney Timm '17 M.Div.

-From the Editor: Reckonings

Ray Waddle



A Small Part - Stephen Dunn

After the Eucharist - Sophia Stid

Study the Masters - Lucille Clifton

Two Poems - Lucille Clifton

The Creation Story - Joy Harjo

Little Prayer - Danez Smith




Publication Date: 

Spirit and Politics: Finding Our Way


FALL 2016




From the Dean's Desk  Gregory E. Sterling

Days of Reckoning  Lane Heard '73 B.A., '78 J.D.

Politics of the Soul  Lyn G. Brakeman '82 M.Div.

Aiming the World Toward Hope  Willie James Jennings

American Myths in Eclipse  Richard T. Hughes

 "Our Shared Hope"  Artist Alisa Clark

Time for Deep Listening  An Interview with Rita Nakashima Brock

What Would the Prophets Say?  Gregory Mobley

From Vulnerability to Power  Neichelle R. Guidry '10 M.Div.

A New Search for the Good Life  Stanley Hauerwas '65 B.D., '67 M.A., '68 M. Phil., '68 Ph.D.

What Are Our Values?  An Interview with Carlos Correa Bernier

Reject the Idols  Kathryn Lofton

Impulses of Common Purpose  An Interview with Mark Silk

Achieving the Black Social Gospel  Gary Dorrien

Loving Your (Political) Enemy  Tom Krattenmaker

The Long Road to Solidarity  Ray Waddle

Driving Hate Away  Charles King '83 M.Div., '89 J.D.

"Renew the Grieving World"  An Interview with Teresa Berger

Wishes, Hopes, or Promises?  Jaco J. Hamman

Piety, Politics, and Convictions  Christopher B. Chapp and Paul Goren

And So Our Work Begins  Josh Williams '08 B.A., '11 M.Div.

Holy Discontent  Ryan McAnnally-Linz '10 M.A.R., '16 Ph.D.

From the Editor: Uncivil Religion  Ray Waddle




Stardust and Centuries  Alberto Rios

Anyone Who Is Still Trying  David Hernandez

"A Dream Deferred"  Charles H. Harper '61 S.T.M.

Tender  Camille Rankine

Knowledge Neighbors  Alberto Rios

Continuing Education  Charles H. Harper

The Broken  Alberto Rios

Genealogy  Camille Rankine

All-American  David Hernandez




Publication Date: 

Who Are We?: American Values Revisited

Who Are We?: American Values Revisited
FALL 2012
-From the Dean’s Desk
Gregory E. Sterling
-Learning and Praying to Do Right
Senator Chris Coons
-Redemption Awaits
Diana Butler Bass
-Amid the Bickering, Shards of Hope
John Kenneth White
-Interview: The Disunited States of America
Scott Keeler
-Theology Meets the Moment
Kathryn Tanner
-Values: Maldistributions and Market Corrections
Ray Waddle
-The Character of a Good Ruler, Then and Now
Nancy S. Taylor
-Revelation Road: A Professor Hits the Campaign Trail
Susan Pace Hamill
-Civil Thoughts of Uncivil Times: An Interview with Stephen Carter
-The Moral Dilemma of Growth
Bob Massie
-"I See Deeply Caring People": An Interview with Sharon Kugler
-Spiritual Power, the Subterranean River
Christopher Timm
-Dreams, Dreads, and the New Global Community
George Rupp
-In God We (Still) Trust: Electoral Thoughts on Faith
YDS Alumni
-"Values are as REal as Grain Prices": An Interview with Carlos Eire
-Suffer the Children: American Lessons from Middle School
Christina Baik
-Politics and the Impossible Pulpit
Charles Lemert
-The Bible and Rugged Individualism
Richard H. Hiers
-Igniting a Revolution of the Heart
Matthew Vogel
Editor's Column: Flag Day
Ray Waddle
The Last Election- John Haines
A Buddha in the Woodpile- Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Monopoly- Connie Wanek
Tea and Sleep- Taha Muhammad Ali
Notes on the Capitalist Persuasion- John Haines
Neighbors- Clemens Starck
Publication Date: 

Women's Journeys: Progres and Peril

Women's Journeys: Progres and Peril
-From the Dean’s Desk
Harold W Attridge
-Ideas for a Better Gendered World
Margaret A. Farley
-Gifts from the Desert
Talitha Arnold
-Thinking Out Loud About Feminism
Kate M. Ott
-The Pulse of God: An Odyssey of Empowerment
Joan Cooper Burnett
-Visions and Revisions: Women in Ministry Today
Adair T. Lummis
-Profile: Rahiel Tesfamariam
-"Of Course He Isn't Male," or Who, Me?  Sexist?
David Kelsey
-Profile: Jane Ferreira
-Raising the Dead: Embodied Leadership
Emilie M. Townes
-The Bible in Transit
Phyllis Trible
-Talking Back to Jesus
Mary R. D'Angelo
-The Choreography of Feminist Theology
Kathryn Reklis
-Profile: Carol Pinkham Oak
-American Dream, American Nightmare: Poverty Today
Leslie G. Woods
-A Balm in Gilead?
Marie M. Fortune
-Women Missionaries, Global Entrepreneurs
Jennifer A. Herdt
-In Remembrance of Wartime "Comfort Women"
K. Christine Pae
-A Matter of Life and Death – Today
Musimbi Kanyoro
Acompañamiento: A Walk Toward Dignity for All
M. T. Dávila
-Moved to Tears, Moved to Action
Jacqueline Ogega
-What's in a Word?
Shannon Clarkson
-Skin Deep
Kat Banakis
-Profile: Noelle York-Simmons
-Encountering Grace
Judith Dupré
-No Peace Without Women
Zainab Salbi
-From the Editor: "Unfinished Business"
 Ray Waddle
To Do List – Kathi Wolfe
A Cellular History of Pain – Jan Jorgensen
As If There Were Only One – Martha Serpas
Naming – Kathi Wolfe
"Scientists Find Universe Awash in Tiny Diamonds" – Mayne Ellis
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