Believing Heart: An Invitation to Story Theology

Believing Heart: An Invitation to Story Theology
C. S. Song here invites Christians to see the whole Christian panoply through a story-centered lens. Focusing on Life, Hope, Faith, and Love, Song delves into each theme or locus (1) as it can be approached in people's experiences or stories, (2) as it appears in related stories from other religious traditions, (3) how its central import can be expressed theologically, and (4) how it can appear in practice. Thus story becomes theology, then theology becomes story. "Central to these stories," says Song, "is the heart that believes in spite of hardships and despair, the heart that struggles to make sense of what seems senseless in life and history." Song's strong narratives and engaging style will make this volume appealing in a variety of settings, especially for introductory students, clergy in search of homiletic material, church groups, and Christians open to insights from non-Western cultures.
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