Awakening: In Pursuit of the Divine Paradox

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Is belief in God at odds with the theory of evolution and other scientific discoveries? Why do people of faith fight and even kill each other although they worship the same God? Shouldn't we all be working together to save life on Earth -- ourselves -- from ecological collapse?

"Awakening: In Pursuit of the Divine Paradox" calls for all God's people, whether from East or West, to unite in a Worldwide Great Awakening to preserve the Earth from greed and mindless exploitation. It lays the groundwork for a spiritual revolution in which the faithful: 1) transcend their differences; 2) become one with God, and each other and all life; and 3) in this unity transform to make peace with ourselves, other people and the planet.

Thought-provoking, highly readable, Awakening, as noted by Artyfact magazine in the United Kingdom: "...presents a personal view of Christian cosmology informed by modern science and the wisdom of the East. This sounds like deep stuff, and it is, but Huth has performed a minor miracle in discussing profound theological issues in an accessible manner [without] specialist jargon".

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