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The following recordings from the Yale/Berkeley Divinity School Convocation series have been available through the Student Book Supply, though some lectures have sadly been lost to the erosion of time.

Lecture duplication usually takes about two weeks from order date until shipment date.

Yale Divinity School and Berkeley Divinity school graduates, and all clergy, are eligible for a 10% discount off the prices listed below. Current Student Book Supply members receive a 15% discount from prices listed here. All lecture purchases are non-returnable.

In all cases we have done our best to provide clear audio recordings. Because many of these lectures are dated, and were originally recorded on audio cassette or audio reel, there are occasionally small gaps or cuts in the audio. Please know this is not the norm, but in the cases where this occurs, it is not a reparable issue.



Rev Otis Moss III, Beecher Lectures, The Blue Note Gospel: Preaching the Prophetic Blues in a Post-Soul World

         3 lectures, $36.00

Christian Smith, Ensign Lecture, Parents, the REAL Pastors: The Absolute Centrality of Parenting in Passing on Religious Faith and Practice to the Next Generation

         1 lecture, $12.00

Gordon Lathrop, Kavanah Lecture, Saving Images: New Testament Metaphors and the Purposes of Christian Worship

         1 lecture, $12.00

         $55 for entire 2014 lecture set


Robin Meyers, Beecher Lectures, UNDONE

“Faith as Resistance to Ego” 
Faith as Resistance to Orthodoxy” 
Faith as Resistance to Empire
3 lectures, $36.00


Anna Carter Florence, Beecher Lectures, The Word in the Repertory Church

“The Script in the Scripture, the Word in Rehearsal: Proclamation in the Repertory Church” 
It Could Have Gone Differently: Repertory Readings of Texts of Terror” 
Old Texts, New Works: The Repertory Preacher and the Company of Grace
3 lectures, $36.00

John D. Witvliet, Kavanagh Lectures, The Biblical Psalms in Christian Worship: Overlapping Scripts in the Unfolding Drama of Liturgical Performance
1 lecture, $12.00

Dr. Kathryn Tanner, Faculty Lecture, Why Christians Should Support the Occupy Movement
1 lecture, $12.00

Dr. Carolyn Sharp, Faculty Lecture, Prophetic Witness and Public Leadership
1 lecture, $12.00

Dr. Lamin Sanneh, Faculty Lecture, The Last Great Frontier in a Post-9/11 World
1 lecture, $12.00

Theodicy Jazz & Thomas Troeger, Cheney Event, Jazz Communion
 1 communion musical event, $12.00

         $80 for entire 2012 lecture set


Rev Brian K. Blount, Beecher Lectures, The Apocalypse

“Dawn of the Dead: Preaching the Apocalypse” 
Apocalyptic Vulnerability: Preaching Paul” 
Invasion of the Dead: Preaching Mark
3 lectures, $36.00

Don Saliers, Kavanagh Lectures, When Language Fails: Liturgy in a Time of Excess
1 lecture, $12.00

F. Washington "Tony" Jarvis, Pitt Lecture, The Worst of Times, the Best of Times
1 lecture, $12.00

Miroslav Volf, Faculty Lecture, Allah: A Christian Response
1 lecture, $12.00

         $65 for entire 2011 lecture set


Mary Catherine Hilkert, Beecher Lectures, Words of Spirit and Life

“Announcing Things to Come: The Spirit and the Power of Preaching” 
The Word of God and the Breath of Life: Preaching from the Book of Nature” 
We Testify to This: The Promise of Resurrection and the Wisdom of the Cross
3 lectures, $36.00


Eugene L. Lowry, Beecher Lectures, Keeping Time with the Word: The Sound of the Sermon

“Time After Time: The Three Levels of Narrativity”
“Encountering the Aristotle Blues: A Jazz Homiletic of Narrative Address and Piano”
“Recovering the Voice(s) of Orality”
         3 lectures, $36.00

Michael Welker, Taylor Lectures, The Theology and Science Discourse on Anthropology
“What Can Theology Contribute to the Theology and Science Discourse?"
“Flesh-Body-Heart-Soul-Spirit: Exploring the Depth of the Human Person"
The Human Being in His/Her Relation to the Sustaining, Saving, and Ennobling God: Spiritual Realism in the Theology and Science Discourse"

         3 lectures, $36.00

Gabriele Winkler, Kavanagh Lecture, Some New Considerations Concerning the Relationship between the Liturgies of St. Basil and St. James
1 lecture, $12.00

Musonda Trevor Selwyn Mwamba, Pitt Lecture, God of Wonder, Grace, and Surprises
1 lecture, $12.00

         $80 for entire 2009 lecture set


Renita J. Weems Ph.D, Beecher Lectures, Preaching from the Underside

“The Book of Jeremiah: Gods, Goddesses, and Matters of Gender”
“The Book of Samuel: David, Jonathan, and Justice”
“The Gospels: Jesus, Zealots, and Tax Collectors”
         3 lectures, $36.00

Christopher Rowland, Schaffer Lectures

“William Blake on the Life and Teaching of Jesus”
“Seeing the Christ: Imagining the Life and Teaching of Jesus in Images”
“Antinomianism and the Forgiveness of Sins: Perspectives on Neglected Themes in the Gospels and the New Testaments”
         3 lectures, $36.00

Robert F. Taft, S.J., Kavanagh Lecture, Mrs. Murphy Goes to Moscow: Kavanagh, Schmemmann, and the “Byzantine Synthesis
1 lecture, $12.00

Krista Tippett, Cheney Lecture, Religion, Media, and Public Life in the 21st Century
1 lecture, $12.00

         $80 for entire 2008 lecture set


Peter S. Hawkins, Beecher lectures, The Preacher's Divine Comedy

“The Preacher in Hell”
“The Preacher in Purgatory”
“The Preacher in Paradise”
         3 lectures, $36.00

Linda E. Thomas, Taylor Lectures, Theology and Anthropology from a Womanist Perspective

“The Aesthetic Dimensions of Religion in South Africa”
“Strucutral Poverty in an HIV-Positive World, the Theology of Embodiment: What the Mind Forgets, the Body Remembers”
“Anthropology, Mission, and the African Woman: A Womanist Theological Approach”
         3 lectures, $36.00

Jane Williams, Pitt Lecture, Sin and Salvation
1 lecture, $12.00

Nathan D. Mitchell, Kavanagh Lecture, From Text to Tablature: Reimagining Liturgical Language Today
1 lecture, $12.00 

         $80 for entire 2007 lecture set


Thomas G. Long, Beecher Lectures, Preaching From Memory to Hope

“A Likely Story: The Perils and Power of Narrative in Preaching”
“No News is Bad News: The Presence of the Word in Preaching”
“Preaching in the Future Perfect Tense: Eschatology and Proclamation”
         3 lectures, $36.00

John P. Meier, Shaffer Lectures, On the Danger of Making Jesus a Christian: The Test Case of Law and Morality

“The Jewish Jesus on Jewish Divorce”
“The Jewish Jesus and the Sabbath”
“The Jewish Jesus and Purity Laws”
3 lectures, $36.00

Regina Schwartz, Cheney Lecture, Toward a Sacramental Poetics
1 lecture, $12.00

Maxwell E. Johnson, Kavanagh Lecture, Is the Liturgical Year the Fifth Gospel?
1 lecture, $12.0

         $80 for entire 2006 lecture set 


Harry S. Stout, Beecher Lectures, Preaching Morality in America's Civil War
3 lectures, $36.00

William Alston, Taylor Lectures (Read by Nicholas Wolterstorff), Divine Mystery and Our Knowledge of God
3 lectures, $36.00

Janet Walton, Kavanagh Lecture, Ritual Action, Global Action
1 lecture, $12.00

Robin Eames, Pitt Lecture, Where Now for World Anglicanism?
1 lecture, $12.0

         $80 for entire 2005 lecture set

Mark Cress, Tim Embry (Panel Discussion), National Conference on Workplace Chaplaincy
         1 Panel Discussion DVD, $15.00


Otis Moss, Jr., Beecher Lectures, Preaching as Prophetic Ministry
“Personal: The Bold Adventure"
“Social Justice: The Tie That Binds"
“Global: The Binding Committment"
         3 lectures, $36.00

Bart Ehrman, Shaffer Lectures, Christ in the Early Christian Tradition: Texts Disputed and Apocryphal
“Christ Come in the Flesh”
“Christ the Divine Man”
“Christ Agains the Jews”
         3 lectures, $36.00

Mark Allen McIntosh, Cheney Lecture, How God Makes Theologians
         1 lecture, $12.00

         $72 for entire 2004 lecture set 


Ellen Davis, Beecher Lectures, The Art of Astonishment: Preaching From the Old Testament
“The Presence of the Text”
“Maximal Speech: Preaching the Psalms”
“An Abundance of Meaning”
         3 lectures, $36.00

David Kelsey, Taylor Lectures, Some New Meanings of Redemption
3 lectures, $36.00

Charles E. Curran, Sorenson Lecture, The Just War Theory Today
1 lecture, $12.00

Nancy Ammerman, Ensign Lecture, Tabernacles in the Wilderness: Forming Communities of Faith in a Diverse and Changing World
1 lecture, $12.00

Kathryn Tanner, Pitt Lecture, Incarnation and Atonement: A Feminist Reappraisal
1 lecture, $12.00

John Barton, Visiting Lecturer, Old Testament Theology and the History of Ideas
1 lecture, $12.00

         $95 for entire 2003 lecture set


J. Barrie Shepherd, Beecher Lectures, Poetry, Parables and Preaching or Whatever Happened to Delight?
          2 lectures, $24.00

Susan Garrett, Shaffer Lectures, No Ordinary Angel: Jesus and the Angels in the Bible and Today
         3 lectures, $36.00

Sarah Coakley, Cheney Lecture, The Woman at the Altar: Cosmological Disturbance or Gender Subversion?
         1 lecture, $12.00

Paul F Bradshaw, Kavanagh Lecture, Liturgy in the Absence of Hippolytus
         1 lecture, $12.00

         $72 for entire 2002 lecture set


David Bartlett, Beecher Lectures, What's Good About This News?
“No Other Gospel: The Good news in Galatians”
“Making Disciples: The Good News in Matthew”
“Bearing Witness: The Good News According to Luke and Acts”
         3 lectures, $36.00

Nicholas Wolterstorff, Taylor Lectures, The Place of Religion in a Secular University
3 lectures, $36.00

Lamin Sanneh, Bainton Lecture, Antislavery for the Love of God: New Haven and the Campaign for Africa
1 lecture, $12.00

Bryan Spinks, Pitt Lecture, Berkeley, Liturgical Scholars, and the Liturgical Movement
1 lecture, $12.00

Margaret Farley and Thomas Duffy, Ensign/Sorenson Lectures, Death Be Not Proud (both lectures cut slightly short due to audio cassette length)
         2 lectures, $24.00

John Baldovin, Kavanagh Lecture, Lo, the Full Final Sacrifice: On the Seriousness of Christian Liturgy
         1 lecture, $12.00

James GustafsonDavid Kelsey, Harry Adams, Dedication of the Niebuhr Hall, Christ & Culture: An Appreciative Interpretation
         1 lecture, $12.00

          $105 for entire 2001 lecture set


Barbara Lundblad, Beecher Lectures, Marking Time: Stories Remembered at the River's Edge
“It Will Be Alright: New Rubrics in the Holy Man’s Room”
“The Camel and the Cash Machine: A Story to Take Literally”
“Splashing in the Scroll of Isaiah”
         3 lectures, $36.00

J Louis Martyn, Shaffer Lectures, Inviting Paul into the Current Theological Discussion
“Pauline Apocalyptic in the Present Sense”
“Liberation as Apocalypse Now
“Rhetoric, Possibility, and Power”
         3 lectures, $36.00

Stanley Hauerwas, Sorenson Lecture, Enduring, or How Rowan Greer Taught Me to Read 
         1 lecture, $12.00

Carol Newsom, Chisholm Lecture, Angelic & Human Desire & the Origin of Evil: 1 Enoch 6-16 in Conversation with Genesis 2-3
         1 lecture, $12.00

Barbara Newman, Bainton Lecture, Seeing, Imagining, Believing: Adventures in Visionary Theology 
         1 lecture, $12.00

Victoria Matthews, Cheney Lecture, Why Is a Research University Important for the Churches?
         1 lecture, $12.00

Emilie Townes, Bartlett Lecture, Growing Like Topsy
         1 lecture, $12.00

Marie Fortune, Ensign Lecture, This is Not About You: The Challenge of Ministry & Boundaries
         1 lecture, $12.00

         $105 for entire 2000 lecture set


Richard Lischer, Beecher Lectures, The End of Words: Preaching the Gospel in a World Come of Age
“The Ultimate Vocation”
“One Last Story”
“To What End? Preaching for Reconciliation”
         3 lectures, $36.00

David Tracy, Taylor Lectures, God: Incomprehensible or Hidden
“The Issue of Form and Content”
“The Apocalyptic Issue”
“The Incomprehensible God”
         3 lectures, $36.00

Dolores S. Williams, Sorenson Lecture, Is Liberation Enough?: Beyond the Temple Door There Is No Promised Land
         1 lecture, $12.00

Donald Gray, Pitt Lecture, 450 Years of The Book of Common Prayer in the Parish
         1 lecture, $12.00

Ian Barbour, Templeton Lecture, Science, Technology, & the Christian Tradition
         1 lecture, $12.00

         $88 for entire 1999 lecture set


Peter J. Gomes, Beecher Lectures, The Texture of Biblical Preaching: Songs, Letters and Stories
“The Psalms”
“The Epistles”
“The Parables”
         3 lectures, $36.00

Abraham Malherbe, Shaffer Lectures, Christology in Context: The Pastoral Epistles
The Context
The Savior’s Training Grace
The Savior’s Benevolence
          3 Lectures, $36.00

Stephen Platten, Cheney Lecture, Lambeth 1998: Can Anglicanism Survive?
          1 lecture, $12.00

Jean Bethke Elshtain, Ensign Lecture, The Sin of Pride and the Triumph of Economics
          1 lecture, $12.00

Frank M. Turner, Bainton Lecture, John Henry Newman, E.B. Pusey, and the Commerce of Religion in the Oxford Movement
         1 lecture, $12.00

         $88 for entire 1998 lecture set


Barbara Brown Taylor, Beecher Lectures, Famine in the Land: Homiletical Restraint and the Silence of God
3 lectures, $36.00

Mark Dyer, Pitt Lecture, Lambeth & the Future of the Anglican Communion 
         1 lecture, $12.00

Jurgen Moltmann, Taylor Lectures, What is Theology?
“Who is a Theologian?"
“What is Special in Christian Theology?” 
“Modern Formations of Christian Theology
3 lectures, $36.00

Helen Prejean, CSJ, Ensign Lecture, Dead Man Walking: The Journey 
         1 lecture, $12.00

Harold Hongju Koh, Bartlett Lecture, How is International Human Rights Law Enforced?
         1 lecture, $12.00

Albert Raboteau, Bainton Lecture, In Search of Common Ground: Howard Thurman and Religious Community 
         1 lecture, $12.00 

James Childress, Sorensen Lecture, Religion and Public Policy: The Controversy About Human Cloning
         1 lecture, $12.00

         $100 for entire 1997 lecture set


David G. Buttrick, Beecher Lectures, The New and the Now: Speaking of God's New Order
“Preaching God's Promises (With Political Savvy)”
“Christ Crucified and Risen: Basileia Redivivus
“New and Now: The Problem of Now”
         3 lectures, $36.00

N.T. Wright, Shaffer Lectures, The Resurrection of the Messiah
“The Resurrection of Jesus: A Historical Problem”
“The Resurrection of Jesus and the Origin of Christianity
The Resurrection of Jesus and the Early Traditions
         3 lectures, $36.00

Robert A Burt, Bartlett Lecture, Reconciling with Injustice
         1 lecture, $12.00

Mercy Amba Oduyoye, Ensign Lecture, Religious Issues in the Creative Writings of West African Women
         1 lecture, $12.00

Brevard S. Childs, Cheney Lecture, Interpreting the Bible in the Midst of Cultural Change
         1 lecture, $12.00

         $88 for entire 1996 lecture set


Peggy B. Way, Beecher Lectures (Spring 1995), Pastoral Epistemology: Method, Metaphor, Meta-theology
         3 lectures, $36.00

Morna Hooker, Shaffer Lectures (Spring 1995), Mighty in Deed and Word: Jesus Christ as Prophet
“Is This Not the Prophet?”
“Prophetic Signs”
“The Works that I Do”
3 lectures, $36.00

David Little, Bartlett Lecture (Spring 1995),  Tolerating Intolerance: Some Reflections on Freedom of Religion as a Human Right 
         1 lecture, $12.00

Ann B. Ulanov, Cheney Lecture (Spring 1995), Destructiveness and the Spiritual Life
      1 lecture (*poor audio quality*, $5.00)

James M. Gustafson, Sorenson Lecture (Spring 1995), Making Theology Intelligible: An Interpretation of H. Richard Niebuhr
         1 lecture, $12.00

Robert Bellah, Bainton Lecture (Spring 1995), Religious Pluralism & Religious Truth 
         1 lecture, $12.00

Harry Baker Adams, Beecher Lectures (Fall 1995), Preaching: The Burden & the Joys
“The People, Lord, the People!”
“Great Expectations”
“Stewards of God's Mysteries”
         3 lectures, $36.00

Gordon D. Kaufman, Taylor Lectures (Fall 1995), Christian Theology in Our Pluralistic World
“A Biohistorical Understanding of the Human”
“Mystery, God, and Human Diversity”
“The Meaning of Christ in Our Pluralistic Age”
         3 lectures, $36.00

Margaret R. Miles, Bainton Lecture (Fall 1995), Love's Body:Intentions and Affects: Augstine's Homiles on the First Epistle of John
         1 lecture, $12.00

Lisa Sowle Cahill, Bartlett Lecture (Fall 1995), The Family: A Christian Perspective
         1 lecture, $12.00 

William F. May, Ensign Lecture (Fall 1995), Money and the Professions: Medicine, Law, and the Ministry
         1 lecture, $12.00 

         $160 for entire 1995 lecture set


Walter J. BurghardtS.J., Beecher Lectures, The Christian Pulpit & Social Justice

“Preaching Scripture”
“Preaching the Cry of the Poor”
         2 lectures, $24.00

Sallie McFague, Taylor Lectures, Christianity and Postmodern Science
“Reconstructing Doctrine” 
“Developing a Theology of Nature”
“Consider the Lilies of the Field: Should a Christian Love Nature?”
         3 lectures, $36.00

Mark A. Noll, Bartlett Lecture, The Theological Puzzle of the Civil War
         1 lecture, $12.00 

         $36 for entire 1994 lecture set


Thomas Hoyt, Jr., Beecher Lectures, The Church’s Preaching in Pluralistic and Ecumenical Contexts
“What is the Gospel about, Anyway?”
“Let the Church Say ‘Amen!’”
“What in the World Disorder Shall They Preach?”
         3 lectures, $36.00


Leander Keck, Beecher Lectures, Toward the Renewal of Mainline Protestantism
“Church and Society”
         4 lectures, $45.00


Abraham Malherbe, Beecher Lectures, Paul      
“Pastor to Recent Converts”
         1 lecture (3 of 4 lectures lost), $12.00

David Bartlett, Beecher Lectures, Preaching the Passion
“Preaching on the Passion in Mark”
         1 lecture (3 of 4 lectures lost), $12.00


Samuel D. Proctor, Beecher Lectures, How Shall They Hear? The Quest for Relevance in Preaching
“The Celebration of God’s Presence and Participation in Human Affairs”
“The Assurance of Spiritual Renewal and Moral Wholeness”
“The Affirmation of Hope for Genuine Community”
“The Proclamation of the Eternal in the Midst of Time”
         4 lectures, $45.00


Walter Brueggemann, Beecher Lectures, Finally Comes the Poet
“Numbness and Ache: The Strangeness of Healing”
“Alienation and Rage: The Odd Invitation to Communion”
“Restlessness and Greed: The Obedience from the Missional Imagination”
“Power and Dream: A Permit to Freedom”
         4 lectures, $45.00


John Coburn, Beecher Lectures, Prayer for the Preacher
“In Grace upon Grace (**damaged audio)”
“In Paradox upon Paradox”
“In Loss upon Loss”
“In Joy upon Joy”
         4 lectures, $40.00


Horace T. Allen, Beecher Lectures, Preaching in a Christian Context-Scripture and Sacrament
“The Lectionary: Hermeneutical Hope”
“The Lectionary: Pastoral Peril”
“At the Supper: Where is the Sermon?”
“At Baptism: What is Mystagogy?”
         4 lectures, $45.00


James Forbes, Beecher Lectures,The Holy Spirit and Preaching
“The Anointing Makes the Difference in Preaching”
“The Difference in Concept and Content in Preaching”
“The Difference in Preparation and Process in Preaching”
“The Spiritual Formation of the Anointed Preacher”
         4 lectures, $45.00


William Muehl, Beecher Lectures, The Preacher as Theologian
         4 lectures, $45.00


Krister Stendahl, Beecher Lectures, The Art of Preaching
4 lectures, $45.00


Kelly Miller Smith, Beecher Lectures, Social Crisis Preaching
         3 lectures (3rd lecture of 4 lost), $36.00


Phyllis Trible, Beecher Lectures, Texts of Terror: Unpreached Stories
         4 lectures, $45.00


Sydney Ahlstrom, Beecher Lectures, The Preacher-Theologian in the American Puritan Tradition
“Origin, the Anitnomian Crisis, and the First American Revolution”
“Founders of the Preacher-Theologian Tradition: Willard and Jonathan Edwards”
“From the New Divinity Men to the New Haven Heyday”
“The Rise of Progressive Orthodoxy”
         4 lectures, $45.00


William Sloane Coffin, Beecher Lectures, Preaching in the 80’s
“Scared to Life: The Story of the Paralytic”
“David, Goliath, and the U.S.A.”
“The Arms Race and the Human Race”
“Some Thoughts for and about Ministers”
         4 lectures, $45.00


John Claypool, Beecher Lectures, The Preaching Event
“What?: The Preacher as Reconciler”
“Why?: The Preacher as Gift-Giver”
“How?: The Preacher as Witness”
“When?: The Preacher as Nurturer”
         4 lectures, $45.00


Fred Craddock, Beecher Lectures, Overhearing the Gospel
“The Illusion of Truth without Imagination”
“The Illusion of Truth without Passion”
“A Modest Proposal: The Listener Overhears”
“A Modest Proposal: The Listener is Overheard”
“A Discussion with Fred Craddock”
         5 lectures, $55.00


Carl Frederic Buechner, Beecher Lectures, The Gospel As…
“Telling the Truth”
“Gospel as Tragedy”
“Gospel as Comedy”
“Gospel as Fairy Tale”
         4 lectures, $45.00


Gardner Taylor, Beecher Lectures, How Shall They Preach?
         4 lectures, $45.00


Davis Napier, Beecher Lectures, Word of God, Word of Earth
         4 lectures, $45.00


Henry Mitchell, Beecher Lectures, The Genius of the Black Pulpit
         5 lectures, $55.00


David H.C. Read, Beecher Lectures, Sent from God
         4 lectures, $45.00


Leslie Newbigin, Beecher Lecture, The Finality of Christ
“The Clue to History”
         1 lecture of 3 (2 lectures lost), $12.00


Halford Luccock, Beecher Lectures, Communicating the Gospel
         5 lectures, $55.00


Henry Wriston, Beecher Lecture, The Preacher as Teacher
         1 lecture, $12.00

W.H. Auden, Beecher Lecture, The Witness of the Layman     
         1 lecture, $12.00