Anointed Teaching: Partnership with the Holy Spirit

Anointed Teaching: Partnership with the Holy Spirit
"I love it when another good foundational book comes out to stir our thinking about faithful and effective educational ministry in the church. Anointed Teaching: Partnership with the Holy Spirit, is a welcome new text about what it means to teach and preach the Bible with the Holy Spirit in ways that God can use to form His people in their inner spiritual lives and their outer expressions of faithful living. Pazmiño and Esqueda have offered us thoughtful reflection on what teaching with the Spirit should be like in light of themes they see flowing from our baptism as followers of Christ ("liberation"), our participation in receiving the Lord's Supper ("celebration"), and the giving of the Spirit at Pentecost ("sustenance"). Like Pazmiño's earlier works that explored the teaching ministry of the church in light of the Father's teaching work in and for us (God Our Teacher: Theological Basics in Christian Education) and Jesus' teaching ministry example (So What Makes Our Teaching Christian? Teaching in the Name, Spirit and Power of Jesus), this book on the ongoing teaching ministry of the Holy Spirit invites us to consider carefully what it means to partner with God in teaching that becomes transformative inside and out. I love being challenged by good friends and this text gives me much to consider as I strive to be faithful in my teaching ministries."Dr. Kevin E. Lawson, Professor of Educational Studies at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University, and Editor of the Christian Education Journal
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