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Anchor: 1 Chronicles (USED)

Anchor: 1 Chronicles (USED)
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"I Chronicles" (Volume 12 in the acclaimed Anchor Bible series) is a book closely related to three other books of the so-called Chronicler's History-- "II Chronicles," "Ezra," and "Nehemiah." "I Chronicles" begins with the famous genealogical lists (from Adam to David), continues with an account of David's reign, in which the chronicler emphasizes David's efforts to restore the religion of Israel, and concludes with the accession of Solomon to the throne of Judah.

A crucial book for historians of the biblical period and for students of the Bible, "I Chronicles" is to be neither accepted as a faithful narrative of the Davidic period nor dismissed as a fanciful, imaginative re-creation of that history. It must be taken as an important clue to the biblical process. For here we find the Bible quoting itself--sometimes directly, sometimes in paraphrase.

Professor Myers meticulously analyzes important aspects of the Chronicler and his work--his method of composition, his conviction that to rebuild the nation of Israel one had to restore and strengthen her traditional religion, his significantly post-Exilic perspective. The book also examines the vast literature on Chronicles to find what it yields toward a better understanding of the Chronicler and a fuller appreciation of his work. Finally, it compares--in exhaustive detail-- "I Chronicles" with the other books in the Bible to which it is parallel. The volume Professor Myers has produced is no less than a definitive treatment of the subject.

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